About This

This blog is dedicated to everything that crosses my path or crosses the screen on my laptop. This is a discipline that I would like to finally master. I have been blogging for years since 2004 and yet the discipline of posting everyday with readers in mind never seemed to be important to me. All my blogs are hidden but if you'd like to read them you can find them here:

Shattered Cornflakes - Where all the stories go.
The Proverbs 31 Project - Okay, Tumblr can be a blog in my opinion. This is a project on the Proverbs 31 relationship. I'm going to finish this someday.
We're All Just Explorers - Since one Tumblr is here, this other blog is a compilation of all things...that I <3 in tumblr. Semi-fail but the process is still ongoing.

So now that you've gotten yourself acquainted with the type of writing I intend to fill this blog with, you are very much welcome to comment or suggest anything. I accept any criticism as long as it's objective and well thought out and will not hurt beyond anyone can take.

All thoughts or posts are mine. Pictures are mine unless stated otherwise. Quotes are probably someone else's words unless I say so. And, well, everything else in here is intellectual property. =)

About me:

I love rabbits and daydreaming. I'll tell you more, when I'm done with other stuff that does not involve sitting in front of the computer.