Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Time to Let Go

We must let go of time. Time always moves forward. It does not wait for anyone. Some people say they live in the moment, but moments stay in the past. Time does not stop for moments. Time keeps moving on, and we can never keep time or bring it back. When time leaves, it leaves, and you will never have the same time again.

We must let go of time because the more we hold on to it, the farther we are to it. We think we're holding on to time, but we're only holding on to the past---a time that has already left us. It is only the present once, and every day of our lives become the past.

We must let go of time because in the end we all run out of time.

Some things we just can never bring back.


Woke up and found my watch stuck at 4:44 (but technically it was 4:14 because my watch is 30 minutes advance).