Monday, December 19, 2011

Floating on Flooded Dreams

It was 10 in the evening and the rain whistled outside our house. I sat in the dining room, carefully putting words on paper and dreaming of what would happen next. My external hard disk had just acquired a virus and I was masking a nervous face from the world, wishing intently that my files will be safe. The virus scan would take longer than I expected and soon enough words brought my ideas to an end. The final part of chapter 3, which apparently is based on the cold rain pouring that night, led my character into lonely weeping but the prospects of the story were good. I closed my notebook and carried my laptop into my room where it would have to continue its diagnostics while I fought sleep.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When Technology Runs Away

Way back in the past, a typewriter seemed to be the most advanced writing medium a person could ever have. I remember a time when I would sit behind a typewriter and start pressing on the keys, watching attentively as they struck the paper and left a letter in black ink. It was amazing. I would pretend that I was writing something really important, like an instruction manual to a secret treasure of some sort. The typewriter was every writer's dream.

Flash forward to the 21st century, laptops came into existence. Since then, technology has developed and increased their multi-tasking functions. Not only can you write letters on laptops, you can also play games, listen to music, watch movies, surf the internet AND order food! The laptop has since then become smaller, lighter, more dynamic, sleek and stylish and of course expensive. Nevertheless, this piece of technology has become an apple in everyone's eyes.

This post contains my ideas on how fast technology has left me behind and how much I need to save for a really cool and software compatible laptop.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

Ten years ago, I woke up to this image. I was in my first year of high school back then. The world was still a huge place for me and the possibilities of exploring it were endless. 

On that fateful day, however, doors closed and fear crept into the minds of every human being on earth.

I admit, when I first saw the image on the screen it was more like an earthquake struck. There were building parts on fire and smoke everywhere. It seemed like a dust storm of some kind had covered the whole TV screen and that what used to be the Twin Towers have turned into ashes. We live halfway around the world from where the scene happened. We still had cable television back then so we saw everything that the news channels flashed on screen. It was a nightmare to watch but as I was still 12 years old, I never really understood the gravity of the tragedy back then.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nursing the Dream

My name is __________, 22, Philippines! I can practice saying that for the rest of my life. And with Miss Universe 2011 happening this Sept. 12, expect that there'll be more daydreaming about this in the coming days.

This post is related to my dream of becoming the Miss Universe someday. It's all past experience and lessons learned. Some girls never really grow out of it even if we pretend otherwise.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Excuse Me Mr. Secretary-General

You can't kill apathy. Nor can we deny the fact that we need change. We need your guidance. And because I have a lot of ideas and I can barely pitch them in 30 seconds, I am going to try and put them in print before I decide to speed talk it on a video and end up posting the script too because you wouldn't understand me.

This is my idea of what we can do to change the world. We'll be filming some of the insights in this post soon and hopefully, the UN Secretary-General will notice us enough to hear what we have to say.

Don't Die!

She/He broke up with you. You got a failing grade. Your parents don't appreciate your efforts. Your friends make fun of you. You make fun of you. You have no idea what else to do. You just want to die. Well, let me tell you something--if you want to die, you will sooner or later. My advice for you is to choose later.

This post is a rant, a sympathy and a challenge to all those who have attempted, will attempt or will attempt to attempt suicide. You're painting a very pretty picture of what you want, dude. READ ME.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Of Reunions

Here comes FOUNDERS DAYS! *yey* But really, the thing about foundation days is not the food or the celebration or the fireworks or just visiting your beloved alma matter. It's the meeting and greeting of people you haven't seen in a long, long time! Foundation days are a highlight in anyone's life because of reunions and the constant 'hey, I remember you!' and hugs and exchange of numbers. Here's what I think.

This post is a result of not being able to go to my alma matter on our founders day but attended the foundation day of my parent's alma matter. That really sucks...but I've recovered.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Barbie & Ken Finally Get Married

Barbie & Ken Finally Get Married

It's official! Everybody's getting married this year! And even the toy industry has found their mark. BĂ©atrice de GuignĂ© you are an amazing person. View photos of this site and make your life wonderful by knowing we're still alive when they both got married. Finally. XD

Thursday, August 25, 2011

All This Talk About Jobs

Steve Jobs (photo by AP)

Steve Jobs just retired. For a non-Apple user like me, it came with such a thud as a stuffed toy falling on a pillow.

This is my opinion of all the good things Mr. Jobs has done for Apple, Inc.

Why I Read

I read because an idle mind is a dangerous place. Put lots of words and imagination in it and you can get out of that dangerous place.

So Smart that I don't Understand

In search of the perfect blog layout, I decided to try my hand at making my own. Web search upon web search, I cannot seem to fathom the complexity and extensive computer language people who give you 'simple' instructions are saying. (That didn't make sense, did it?) Surely there is a way to make a beautiful, unique, simple web log that doesn't look generic to other blogs. Somewhere, I hope there is.

This is a covert calling to all those who know how to make blog layouts without the codes that an inexperienced girl like me cannot understand. I need your help.

Rant (1) - Finding an Online Job

If you have just resigned from a 'real' job (meaning a job that you are actually paid for and interact with other people) and are now living with your parents (which is pretty normal from where I come from) and are looking for a job that gives you enough time to write stuff (stories, nonsense, daydreams, etc.) must be me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Making of a Pleated Skirt

Creative boredom strikes again.

Ever since college I wanted to own a skirt that looked like one of those in the sailor moon outfits. Okay, not really one of those sailor moon girls but school girl, plaid skirts that could make me look girly...somehow. And since shopping for one never ended in an actual purchase because I always just skim through the skirts and walk over to the notebooks and pens, I decided it was time to experiment.



Because I could not give justice to the complexity of this site. <3 <3

Other than FB

For a bored, old-style human like me who sometimes enjoys scrolling down until the page stops loading, FB is the only site I explore for the whole day. But because I decided to jump off the wagon that's eternally going down the next few updates, I found a few more websites that should strike interest in lost civilians.

This post is dedicated to the many lost people who have nothing else to do and decide to stop scrolling down on FB and actually explore the WWW.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It Starts With a Question

What is love? We’ve all been asked that question. We’ve all asked that question. And we all have tried to answer that question.

This post has been taken from my other blog whose link can be found at the end of this article.

There is definitely no right or wrong answer because the answer to that question depends on the person answering.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Roads We Dare to Travel (1)

What if we were to observe everything we pass by when we go home? What if we opened our eyes and actually saw the roads we tread? What if there was something much more to the road most often traveled than what meets the eye?

This is an account of the road from Liceo to my RER house, dated last June 2011.

Monday, August 8, 2011

So Sunny Singapore - USS

Nothing completes a vacation in Singapore than a trip to it's newly opened Universal Studios Singapore! It was timely for us because the day before our scheduled trip to USS was the grand opening date. That only meant that the place was spruced up and ready for everyone's entertainment. Therefore, the moment we arrived, the theme park was set to bring us into another world.
Now there are several things you should remember before going to this theme park:
  • If you have the time, browse their website and go through the park map. It's very helpful to plan your trek ahead so you don't waste too much time thinking of which ride to go next or where the restrooms are.
  • Wear something comfortable. If you like walking in 3-inch heels for the whole day (probably running at some point) then that's certainly okay. But if you're more comfortable in rubber shoes or slippers, that would be best as there will be a whole lot of pavement to go through to make the trip

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Road Rules!

A lot can happen in a jeepney ride home.

So I decided to drop the dramatic words and start using plain, matter-of-fact sentences instead. And what better topic to talk about than the adventure one can only experience in a 30-minute commute from workplace to home.

Naturally, for an 8-hour job, signing out was one of the best parts of the day. It’s just like a school kid’s recess or school bell signifying the end of another day and the start of the rest of play. For me, the start of the end of the day would mean riding a jeepney home. Now, there are two things to consider when you decide to ride a jeep to where I live. First is: are you willing to walk a few blocks more before you actually get home? One jeep route lets you walk a shorter distance home than the other so it’s actually a matter of your perseverance and diligence that would take you home. And second, you should take note that one route’s driver is sort of a stalker/scarily-friendly and you’ve made a stupidly huge mistake of befriending him. Although he does let you ride for free, you also get to have your conscience eating you because you gave him the wrong cell phone number when he asked for yours. Therefore, it takes one good decision for me to get into a jeepney and ride off into the sunset.

Having gone through a minor brain battle before finally settling into the jeepney, one must realize that the streets are a dangerous place for anyone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So Sunny Singapore - AFCC

It's always summer in Singapore, or so we've been told. The instant we landed in the great Merlion city, the first thing we realized was the time. It was 7 in the evening. And yet it was still bright with no signs of night. The streets, as you may have noticed, run in the opposite direction. They're right side drivers. And guess what? For some time in our life, we may have entertained the thought of public utility vehicles accepting credit cards but then dismissing it as impossible, but in Singapore, lo and behold, they have credit card machines in their taxis! So let me take you along our trip and see the highlights of my summer vacation.

Asian Festival of Children's Content
This was the main reason for my trip to Singapore. The Asian Festival of Children's Content or AFCC is an annual gathering of writers, illustrators, media practitioners and educators. The conference speakers include published children's book authors, publishers, poets and teachers, with some media makers to talk about the rise of technology and the apparent threat to the printed book. The sessions were held at the Arts House, an old parliament building that has been renovated and redesigned to hold conferences and programs related to (guess what) the arts.

It has been said that Singapore has a high regard for the Arts, and there I was to witness it first hand. The courtroom was now a conference hall. A smaller room was named "Dark Room" because of its obvious dark ambiance was made into a mini theater where plays were performed. And a little mini cinema also hosted short films and student project screenings. It was an investment by the government to convert such an old building into something made solely for the arts, something we could only wish to happen in our country.

I will not bore you with detailed expressions