Monday, February 29, 2016

It's What Love Does

It's what love does

When it suddenly calls and the randomness of it catches you off guard
When its words slur and its voice fades and it loses itself for a while
When the moment fills with tension and it makes you realize how unprepared you are

It's what love does

When you see it and wonder if it truly exists or you may just be making things up
When you listen to it taking control of the conversation because you can't find your voice to respond to it
When the moment passes and you find yourself wondering if the silence was what was best

It's what love does

It asks how you are and listens to your answer
It wakes you up in the morning to tell you that you are thought of, you are remembered
It creeps into your memories and your dreams and makes your reality, for the first time, better than your fantasy

It's what love does

When it decides that who you are today is not defined by who you were before
When it forgives you of the most damaging of faults and tells you that it won't change
Love won't change

It's what love does

When it stretches its arms and waits for you to see, waits for you to run into it
When it tells you to talk about everything and nothing
When it listens even to the deepest longings of your heart even when these longings do not involve love

It's what love does

It gives you the best without asking for anything
But you
It gives you its whole self and wants nothing more than to make you happy
It gives its life knowing you may not even want it

But that's what love did

Love came and came for you
Love wanted the best for you
Love gave up everything for you

Love listened
Love learned
Who you are
What you've done
Where you've been
Who you've been with
What happened to you
Yet love loved you

Love loved you
Love loves you still

This is what love does

It loves without conditions
It gives without expectations
It lives to give you life
It stays to keep you alive

It's what love does

When it suddenly calls and the randomness of it catches you off guard
But you recover and you realize
You love love too

That's what love does.

1 John 4:8
John 3:16
John 15:13
Romans 5:8

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