Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12 Random Things I Learned This Year

12. It's not too late to turn life into a musical.

11. It's easy to be in the same place as someone and still not be with someone, easy to keep quiet and still hear the noise in your head.

10. Friends come and go. True friends come, go, come, go . . .

9. Ignorance is bliss. Being ignorant by choice is stupidity.

8. Conferences don't change people. People change conferences.

7. When people disappear, they usually don't want to be found. When they are found, they usually are better off gone.

6. Drugs kill people. 

5. Planning is more enjoyable than the actual execution.

4. Weddings are awesome. 

3. Coffee is not more important than your cell phone and house keys. Priorities.

2. Typhoons pretty much look like the inside of my room when I don't clean up for, like, a month.

1. Rising from adversity is a process that doesn't just take a hop, skip, and some clicking of the heels. The song from the famous movie Land Before Time got it right. "If we hold on together, I know our dreams will never die. . ."

Have an awesome possum 2014! God bless!

PS Also, haircuts are awesome. :)

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