Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tada!: A Tribute to Loki’s Movie (oh, wait, it was Thor’s movie)

Those who have not seen the movie yet, please turn away because spoilers aren’t fun, and I’m about to say some things that may ruin the fun in it for you. Okay? Good.

Now, for those who have seen the movie, wasn’t it awesome? I’m just going to do the obligatory “I like this movie because . . . but I’d like it better if” here, then I’ll start my raving on the wonderful world of Loki.

Thor 2: The Dark World

The movie was okay. I’m one of those moviegoers who haven’t exactly read the Thor stories, who don’t know the Asgard histories, and who don’t really follow everything Thor (origins, plot of the story and not the movie, film stats, cast). Having said that, I’m still going to say that I love the movie for its execution. As far as I’m concerned for the aesthetics, I love the CGs, the layout of Asgard, the stars, the universes, the realms, the costumes. I even love the 3D effects because they got the parts that can be in 3D right. (Mind you, some movies just put everything in 3D without thinking about background-foreground.) What I don’t love though is still the plot. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t read the books, but okay, I’m just not liking it because it’s not the kind of movie that can make you think days after watching it. It doesn’t need you to think and realize a lot of things—you know, the didactic type without the scolding. But hey, we do need to watch movies just for entertainment. Anyway, at least this plot’s better than the last one. This movie actually had the “Hmm, the Aether couldn’t have been blown up just like that. It’s too easy . . . and there it is again.” You know, the “That was it? . . . Oh not yet” type of twist. So yeah, I like this movie better than the last.

What’s weird though is Natalie Portman trying to be comical. Or maybe she pulled it off. But it was weird. I don’t know. Something was off. Though, I guess she does get some props on having to slap Thor (2x) and Loki.

I also love how messed up the world is when they started crossing dimensions and all that. It was fun. And nobody really knows where they would end up when they passed through. I wonder what those fighter pilots thought about the new world they just discovered. It was like “Beam me up, Scottie” gone wrong. I love it!

I don’t love Thor like I love Captain America or Iron Man, but I guess gods don’t have everything. (I particularly dislike the part where the camera had to pan up Thor’s upper body. Really? Did you have to? You didn’t get much reaction from the crowd I was sitting with though.) The movie does give Thor a better character. We see his humanness although he’s technically not human. And we see the bond he has with humanity. And his brother. And I’m going to have to end the Thor review here. I love the movie overall.

Loki 2: The Dark World

This movie, though, was amazing. Loki, I don’t know why you’re a bad guy, but people love you. Just stop killing other people.

Loki has this something in him—humor, you may call it. I’m not sure if he’s intentionally doing it (as a character, of course, since the actor is intentionally doing it [very well, I might add]), but he makes people laugh and the situation they’re in isn’t even funny.

“I love this . . . it’s so clandestine.” And he starts talking and talking and talking. Yeah, basically all I can remember about the movie are parts that Loki was in. My guess is that the movie didn’t really start until Loki started doing his part.

“You might want to take the stairs to the left.”

I love the part where the prisoners were fighting and Loki was just in his cell, reading. Most probably bored. I love that he was reading because any way to promote reading is a good way. (People should definitely read more.)

Then when he found out that Frigga died . . . it was beautiful. That one surge of power he used to express his anger was perfect. It broke my heart. And when we see Loki again, without the illusions, we see a broken man, but with his pride still masking his feelings, he denies the pain but relishes the opportunity for vengeance. So Loki.

Then he starts talking when they get out and starts changing costumes. Admit it, everyone loved that part. I was secretly waiting for him to turn into Hello Kitty but duh. And I read from an FB status message that Captain America had a cameo, but I wasn’t expecting him to take over Loki for a while. It was hilarious! "I can feel the righteousness surging within me."

And the threats. “If you even think of betraying him . . .”
“You’ll kill me?”

Loki did a very good job at commentating. Oh for crying out loud, I might as well post his whole script here (but of course, I won’t).

Anyway, Loki was awesome. He’s the bad guy everyone loves. When he “died,” I was starting to think George R. R. Martin had something to do with it. “Why is it that when we start to love a character, the filmmakers decide to kill him?” Then they realize that there is no Thor without Loki. And therein lies the power of the movie.

Thor: The Dark World is awesome because of Loki—okay, and the other characters, even Erik. It’s a must-watch if you like that sort of thing, and the effects and cinematography were good. Go see it, now.

“Take this train, three stops.”

Zachary Levi is a chameleon. You sly spy, Flynn Rider, person.


  1. You barely skimmed over his wonderfully executed maneuver through that cave. Such a slick and borderline unenthusiastic "Tada!" that made me want to laugh out loud. Overall, this was a wonderful read. I caught it while looking for a picture of this moment ;P

    1. He comes burdened with glorious purpose. How can a mere mortal like me ever pay for such a mediocre rendition of his "Tada!"? I must kneel. Kneel. Kneel! :) Thanks for reading.

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