Monday, November 19, 2012

Forever Just Ended: A Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review

Okay, I can't say that I am a real fan of the twilight saga, although I have read all four books plus the Bree Tanner short and watched all five movies, but I am simply going out of my way to say that I am seriously impressed with the franchise's very last movie. I mean I am totally, inconceivably, unbelievably blown out of my usual sarcastic nature toward movies. I'm not even going to discuss how weird it was for them to have a CG baby when they could have paid for a real one. And I am not even going to point out that on the night before the fight, Bella told Renesmee that she wouldn't be there, but when the morning came, she was still there. No, maybe that was because she really wasn't supposed to be there for the fight. Anyway, I'm not going to delve on the ridiculousness of having to explain what's happening as if we were reading the book. I am just going ahead and saying this is my most-liked Twilight movie--ever.

Factors? I guess it helps that I can hardly remember what happened in the book. Books turning into movies have always been harder to accept as time goes by. Books just place a high standard and bigger expectations for movies. So now that I can only remember glimpses of the book, I can say that part 2 is a separate movie in itself.

And of course, I simply just can't leave out the fight scene. Whoever thought of doing that should be given a big fat raise. Clap clap clap for you. You are awesome for putting that scene in. If the book actually had that scene, I bet it would have been awesome. But like I said, I don't remember much of the book. What I particularly love about the fight scene was the fact that it wasn't bloody. . . AT ALL! So many dead vampires and wolves but no blood at all. Talk about getting heads ripped off. It was unbloody awesome!

But I guess the biggest factor that's made that movie so impressive for me was the fact that it wasn't just a love story. See what having something to fight for can do for movies and books? It makes it more meaningful. I can't help but remember Harry Potter talking about all his friends dying for him when Edward told Carlisle that their friends were risking their lives just because he fell in love with a human. Two thumbs up for Carlisle's answer. "We all have something to fight for. I know I do." At least this movie doesn't just talk about a madly in love human and vampire. It shows the bond of family and what they truly stand for. Yeah, I sound like a real fan now.

One other thing I just would like to point out was the scene where Garrett hugged (gosh I forgot her name) the other Denali sister because she would have gotten killed by the Volturi. What's beautiful about the scene was the fact that he got electrocuted and still he didn't let go. Such love. (Ahwww moment here.) It was inspiring and yeah, heart wrenching. At least they got me sentimental at one point.

Speaking of sentimental, I love their credits. Showing everyone who were cast in the movie, even the ones who were already dead, was really well thought. It was like a nice big thank-you to everyone they worked with. And the use of book pages to introduce the main cast was surreal. For someone who's read the books, that just brought new meaning to bringing the pages to life on the big screen. Clap clap clap for you too.

To end, the twilight saga, in spite of various opinions, have captured many viewers' hearts and minds and have successfully ended their franchise with a huge bang. Never mind that the first few movies did not earn a spot in my blog (mainly because this blog didn't exist yet), this one definitely holds a special place in the best movie franchise endings ever.

PS still, getting obsessed with this human in love with a vampire thing can be dangerous and is just absolutely silly. Especially when they start to glitter in the sun.

PPS I'd also like to clap for Aro. You are just awesome. "There's no danger here." Hihi. Oh, and I kept waiting gor his brother to start singing "I have sailed the world and seem it's wonders" or some other Sweeney Todd song. And Dakota had no lines. Just a full dose if eyeliner. Weee the PS is going to get longer if I don't stop now. So bye now.

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