Thursday, March 1, 2012

She Explains: Motivations, Delayed Flights and Crazy Revelations

And once again, a post that holds no pictures but the ones I can paint in your head as you read. This time, I blame not being able to check-in baggage at the airport for my non-compliance of the 'bloggers-always-bring-cameras' rule. So, have fun with this one.

I. Motivations

How long has it been since someone asked me what my motivations were? Hmm...about a week. =)

Exactly one week ago, I had the urge to look for a job--a real job, not one I make up in my head. So there I was, sitting in front of the interviewer and she asked me "what are your motivations?" Hello? I drew a blank.

You see, sometimes we go through life's motions without really thinking about it. What's the point? Why do we do what we do? It reminds me of C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe from The Chronicles of Narnia when Lucy offers her hand to Mr. Tumnus and the script goes:

Lucy: Glad to meet you, Mr. Tumnus! *extends hand* I'm Lucy Pevensie.   
Oh, you shake it!

Tumnus: Why?

Lucy: I-I don't know! People do it when they meet each other.
We've been bombarded with norms and traditions that we don't even really understand why we do things. What drives us into action? What is that force in our life that compels us to move forward? What?

The funny yet sad thing about that event, the interview, was that I answered the only thing that I knew was true: money. Yes, that sounded really bad and believe me, I've regretted saying it right after the words left my mouth. It isn't wrong, however. Everyone knows that we do certain things because we need the money. Money encourages us to work for something so we can have money to buy ourselves something. It's not wrong to say that money is your motivation but I guess it just doesn't seem very convincing if you say that during a job interview. (raving again)

Anyway, I guess the point of this section is to look beyond why we do things? What are our motivations? Why do we continue to live and what do we think we can achieve?

I can think of some very valid reasons right now but I'll leave the answers to you.

II. Delayed Flights

I've always loved flying. Even in my dreams, there is always that thrill of leaping into the air and not succumbing to gravity. And believe it, being a pilot/aviator/aviation expert had crossed my mind when I was in elementary studying the parts of a plane. All those dreams that included being an astronaut still remains.

Anyway, as anyone who frequently flew knows, there are airlines that are on time and there are flights that get delayed. I won't name names because I'm not sure if that's allowed and I don't want to be kicked out of a flight just because of a blog post.

Last week, my flight to Cebu was astonishingly early. Early in the sense that we arrived 25 minutes ahead of schedule. It was weird but delightfully so. That would be the first time that happened in my years of flying with that airline. So I can't help say that I was utterly satisfied.

My flight back to Cagayan de Oro, however, was an entirely different story.

Two hours before the flight, I dutifully arrived at the airport and waited for the check-in counters to open. By the time I got into the pre-departure area, I only had to wait an hour and a half before boarding. So wait, I did. Playing Temple Run, munching Magic Flakes, scribbling expenses on my tiny 'for-whatever' notebook, I waited. A few minutes before boarding, the familiar voice of the airport crew rang into the speakers. Okay, so the flight was delayed because the plane hasn't arrived yet. I could handle that. That was normal. Delays were constant possibilities in this life. But when the announcer nonchalantly said that our new estimated time of departure was at 12 noon, I snapped out of my sleepy state.


Our flight was scheduled at 10:20am. Now we had to wait 2 hours more?! Talk about delays!

I'm used to minute delays, delays due to weather or plane maintenance but this was absurd! Yep, everyone I flew with had the same complaint. And they didn't even offer us snacks! We could have had lunch earlier or something. I know, I'm being a snob but hey, we could have been in CDO by 11am. Think of all the time wasted. Think of all the things we could have done if we were on time. Think of the people who had meetings but had to be late. I hate being late. I'm glad I didn't have a meeting that day.

Anyway, we grumbled and sighed but of course we couldn't do anything about it. I took it lightly because I knew life would go on. I smiled at the people I was sitting with because apparently, they had already rebooked their tickets. The airline I was to fly on had cancelled their tickets because they were late in checking-in by 2 minutes. Whew, talk about misplaced principles. They didn't allow tardiness for passengers but allowed planes to be delayed. Oh well. That's life.

What I took from the experience? Hmm...I'm not sure but I think it deals with perspective and how not to look at things in a bad angle. Make it light? Be obnoxiously happy? Really, think of these kinds of situations and play with it in your head. By the time your flight boards, you'll forget you were even delayed. =)

III. Crazy Revelations

I'm going ahead and say this straight out: I forgot what this part was supposed to be about. =)

I outlined this post a week ago but hadn't found the discipline to write it down. There, that's what you get for procrastinating. So, anyway, I'll leave this part hanging until I remember what it's supposed to be.

Have a great day everyone! And p.s. I'll try to bring my camera with me next time.

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