Tuesday, March 6, 2012

She Explains: the Importance of Trying and the Difference of actuallyDoing

Ok, by now every one of you may be shaking your head and thinking that I haven't been true to my word. If you've read my previous post, then you'll remember that I promised to bring my camera with me whenever I travel (which has been unusually frequent lately). You will, however, also remember that I wrote the word try in boldface. Trying obviously differs greatly from doing.

So here I am again, posting without pictures. Sorry. =)

Anyway, if you also remember the post about motivations, you'll find that this is just a follow up. This time, I'm going to talk about the relevance of motivations and the factors that can change it drastically.

You see, I went back to that job offer and was able to take a second test. I have to say it straight, I didn't enjoy it. It's not because of all the words I had to change and all the corrections I had to insert. The process was fun but the article I worked on was (sigh) gross. Once I got my motivations sorted out, I was faced with the question 'do I really want to sell this type of book?' NO! I realized that if I get what I thought I wanted, I would have to compromise something I firmly believed in. It felt like internship all over again. The job would require me to promote something that I, as a person acting out of my own decision, would throw away as crap (sorry but I mean it). Hmm I think I'm doing this all wrong. Let's go down a notch.

Have you ever been asked to say, do, or write something you know was a lie? Have you ever been made to act as if you believe in something you obviously don't? Was there ever a time in your life when your principles had been tested against the norms of society?

If you answered 'no' to those questions, you must be a superhero. Oh, wait, superheros ARE tested against the norms of society. So maybe you're a bum who lives in a different world who never has to face criticisms from this part of the universe. Still, bums are labeled outcasts of society. So, yeah, I guess you don't exist. =)

Fact is, if you're alive, you have indeed been tested. And doesn't it just feel so frustrating when you have to choose convenience over principle? It feels as if you have to pull yourself apart and still lose somehow. It feels like it, but it's actually a win-win situation.

Principles: insert Webster meaning here. It's the amazing driving force of a person that makes them who they are. It's the lifeblood of character and the definition of a person's legacy. If I have to tell you which to choose, I would say principles right off the bat. I mean, sure you have to think about what you'll lose if you don't write that press release about an unethical event that may ruin the lives of the youth. You may lose a large chunk of money if you don't meet with a client in his own home. You may lose your job for disregarding a customer's request to blackmail a rival company. So what? (so what? I must be kidding.) Would you prefer money staining your integrity over being unemployed but with a clear conscience? Would you prefer all the riches and comforts of this world, branding yourself as materialistic in the process over the simple life lived in honesty? Money can buy a lot and a steady career can bring you to places but if the pursuit of these things leads you to kill your principles, hiding them until you forget you ever had them, it would all be in vain. What good is a full pocket when you see yourself in the mirror and know that you dealt with a hand that was sure to cheat you in the end?

So, yeah, principles should come first(given that you have the right principles of course). And I'm learning this over again. Now I have to think of some way to explain my sudden change of plans to the people who so dearly wants me to have a life(and who provides financial assistance in my pursuit to this fabled 'life'). In the end, I guess I'll have to stick with the lame but honest reason 'the company's goals do not fit into my career plans'.

Anyway, beyond all the words I've just spewed using mama's tiny iPod (which by the way doesn't have a camera and is so hard to type into and will definitely give my hands cramps later today) I just really want to tell all of you lovely readers that I am flying off again. Haha, I bet you're thinking that I'm off to some uncharted island that no one's ever been to. No, I'm just going to check out what's going on in the upper part of this country. Nothing special really. It's just my first trip after more than a year and I'm sure that so much has changed. Hopefully I'll have pictures. (did I just say that? I meant I'll try to have pictures)

On another note, I feel like buying an iPhone or some cool gadget that has a camera built in and does more than play games. It also has to have wifi and (duh) Internet capabilities for easier sharing of posts and pictures. I feel so behind and so lazy to connect my cam and the net to my laptop. Any suggestions? I'm not very good at choosing techie stuff. I just go with what's trending and apparently trends change A LOT. All suggestions will be taken seriously. =)

That's it, basically.

Why did I use that title again? Oh yes, the difference between trying and doing is a post with visual impact and one that looks like this. Have great day everyone!

-Hannah (image of my blog signature here. I suck at this mobile blogging stuff haha)

Update: tada!

P.S. I remember a writer saying something about parenthetical phrases (like the ones littering this post) being removed from an article because if they don't merit being punctuated and placed properly, they're probably not very important and you can do without them (and I think whoever said that is right). =)


  1. Buy an Iphone ;p It has everything lol. Btw, I have a birthday giveaway. you might wanna join.. so there.. See you around!


    1. Hi Maria, yeah I was thinking of the iPhone but they update their phones a lot. They just released 4 s and now they're releasing iPhone 5. I'll think about it though. Thanks for the suggestion. Will be visiting your blog! =)


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