Sunday, March 11, 2012

Remembering Japan 3-11-11


This was the image that made me realize how real the Earth's destruction can be. The video from which this picture is taken would easily remind anyone of an apocalyptic movie. The only difference is that, this picture is real.

Dear Japan,

I remember how much I wanted to visit you when I was younger. I remember the stories I used to hear about your people's diligence and passion for work. I remember knowing that your people work hard to become what they are today.

The earthquake and tsunami that happened last year truly was devastating. It took out over 13,000 people and 15,000 are still missing*. It brought a number of aftershocks, a near nuclear disaster and a lifetime of picking up the pieces. A country struck by such a catastrophe would have the rights to give up. A country with a percentage of population suddenly wiped out would have thought it hard to get back up. But you are not just a country.

I salute the people of Japan for your resilience. Not only have you surpassed the initial impact of the tragedy but you have also hurdled the difficult task of rebuilding life. You are still organized and do not demand more than what you need. You understand the necessity of peace and order in the reconstruction of your cities and you cooperate with each other, lifting and encouraging one another as survivors and volunteers. You are a people to be looked up to. You are a people to be followed.

After a year, you continue to improve your cities. You have reconstructed your buildings and although there are still those who are finding it hard to move forward, your determination is contagious. You talk of hope and of a better future. You pick up what has been left behind and walk on. You are a courageous people.

We remember the people that died that day. We remember the loved ones, friends and family that were trapped and drowned in the tsunami. We know how it must have felt like because of Sendong. We pray now for comfort for all that are left. For strength to those who have to live one day more, and another. We remember the pain of loss but we remember also the drive to push forward.

Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for your principles of determination, diligence and resourcefulness. As you continue your recovery, may you succeed in the endeavors of your life and may the support and love of the people around you continue to flow.

Destruction is not the end. Though it is a painful event, it is a reason to start over; a reason to improve and to live better. Diamonds go through a painful process before they reach their quality. You are in that process.

God bless.

*according to Discovery Channel

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