Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Confined: Forever 21 at SM Cebu

So, when I did go to Cebu, I made sure to visit what is now one of the many favorite places I will miss visiting.

Forever 21 took out the second floor of SM North wing and I know this is not much of a surprise to many of you but to me it felt like...WOW. Of course I knew they were renovating that wing. Of course I knew they took out the bookstore and some shops beside it. But THIS! (no, no photo of the store because duh, I didn't bring a cam =p)

Anyway, thanks to my awesome cousin, I had a reason and the budget to actually buy stuff from there.

Before I show you my meager haul, I just have to explain the process of my decision making, especially because many of you will find it weird that I bought those instead of items F21 is known for.

Inside a store that has been famous for x-years, I was overwhelmed. Girls should never go to these kinds of stores unprepared. Not knowing what to buy when you have so many choices can make you go insane (figuratively =). I know I was almost too depressed to buy anything after walking around the store for TWO WHOLE HOURS. Yes, people, I'm slow like that. And as someone once told me, "That's normal. Most girls are like that when it comes to clothes." Do you agree?

So I walked and walked and walked. Checked the blouses, dresses and shoes that caught my eye. Checked their price tags. Checked their quality. Thought hard about the places I could actually wear the clothes. Listed down my picks. Calculated and computed whether my picks would fit into my budget. And after a 30-minute break where I sat down and tried to call upon the clothes that stuck to my head, which meant they're the ones that made the biggest impression on me, I finally walked back into the store and pulled out the clothes. I thought the sales associates would throw me out of there since I didn't seem to buy anything but always just smiled and touched the clothes. When I did start collecting, I felt a certain decrease in tension and I could just sigh thinking "at least now they know that I DO plan on buying". It's okay, really; I don't look like a serious shopper. =p

And here they are.

Dress, blouse, skirt and necklace; if only I could buy the shoes. =)

And since I'm new to this product photography, forgive my apparent delight in featuring myself wearing the clothes. =)

Dress = cute, summery, flowing and flowery. <3

Fluffy blouse = reason to wear my Avon Cami which I wouldn't say here but I just did. =p

Awesome heart locket = 3 pendants in one chain! I have a penchant for lockets even though none of my lockets have pictures in them. =)

No photo of skirt outfit, yet, but will post soon.

Now, to the real reason I wanted to write about Forever 21.

Yes, people, that's a verse and it's printed at the bottom of Forever 21's plastic bag. Though it's a common verse and anybody can print it on plastic bags, you can find only a handful of clothing giants printing a Bible verse on any of their items. I didn't notice this immediately. The plastic bag was stuffed inside my closet and when I pulled something out, the bag caught my eye. Isn't this just great? I find it so inspiring and I think I might just want to buy more stuff from F21 even though I have to save a lot before I do so.

So, there. Thank you Forever 21 for awesome stuff. I don't know how you categorize the arrangement of your clothes but I think that's one of the signatures of your store. I do get lost and find that I can't remember where I saw a certain piece of clothing but I guess that's your way of making us look for other stuff we may like. You rock!

From the website + add info:
Forever 21 was founded in 1984 and has spread into the Philippines by 2010, opening stores in SM Megamall, Makati and Cebu. Celebrated by many style conscious and trend-savvy shoppers, Forever 21 has quickly become the source for the most current fashions at the greatest value. 
Forever 21 is growing quickly, featuring new and exciting store environments, a constant flow of fun and creative clothing designs and the accessories to make your look come together at the right price.
A phenomenon in the fashion world, Forever 21 provides shoppers with an unprecedented selection of today's fashions, always changing and always in style.

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