Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunsets, Gas stations and Debuts

I've committed one of the most annoying sins a blogger may be able to make: forgetting to bring a camera.

Seriously, if blogging is an all out form of media, then I should consider always carrying my Canon DSLR or just throw in my point and shoot one. And I do consider this, only I forget right when I step out of the door. When blogging is no longer in my head, everything else that connects to it hides in the background, until of course something comes up that is blog-worthy and picturesque...but you don't have anything to capture it with except your eyes.

I. Sunsets

I am a nature lover. That means I fall in love with scenes that are common but usually occur in nature. Sunrises and sunsets, flowers, greenery, mountains and valleys, lakes and oceans, the wide expanse we call the sky. These are creations that no human being can create. I mean, sure, you can chop off a mountain and forklift it to another location but it isn't really the same mountain. Somehow, it's bound to show irregularities. I believe in originals and not ones that are copied. Landscapes and natural wonders are no exception.

Having established the fact that I love nature, I saw a beautiful sunset last Saturday February 5, 2012 while we were driving home from Cagayan de Oro. It's unusual to see beauty in such a busy world but I looked up and saw something different in the sky. The sun wasn't its usual bright, irregular orb of light. Its round outline was distinct. There were few clouds and the ones that were close to the sun only highlighted the queer appearance our bright star is showing.

The sun seemed BIG! I mean, usually it's just too bright to make out what shape it's in or how big it appears to be but this time it was like looking at a new moon, a full moon, or something just really big and round in the sky. It was beautiful.

As it was already about 5 in the afternoon, eventually the sun will have to hide. As I unsuccessfully searched for a camera, ruling out all three cellphones that we had, I looked up again and saw that the sun had landed on a mountain range. Again, it was beautiful. It was like what every child would draw when they are asked to draw a sunset, or a sunrise even. It was right in the crook of two mountains and was slowly sinking. Literally, I could see its size shrinking and all too soon it was gone. Sniff. It was the first time...okay, second time I've ever watched the sun disappear from the sky. (The first was in Zamboanga City and no, I did not bring a camera...maybe I should attach one on my forehead so I would never forget)

The scene made me realize what a fast and insensitive world we're living in. As I was gushing and giddy all around inside the car, I realized that probably only very few people would feel what I felt. I was excited to see beauty, to wonder at its mystery and to sit(bounce) in awe of its majestic splendor (so many big words). If someone else was in the car, I would even probably shut up and admire the view in silence, in fear of being told off as ignorant and childish. In private, however, I felt like I've witnessed the stuff love stories, heroic epics and grand reunions are made of. I've witnessed what our eyes were made to see.

And even if I don't have the picture to prove it, I believe that the best photography equipment ever made is our eyes and you've absolutely got every day to look for the beauty in nature just waiting for you to notice it.

II. Gas Stations

A few meters into the disappearing sun, we passed by a gas station which was practically right in the middle of nowhere. Since I don't have a picture, I don't think I need to plug the place up. (Knocking my head 3 times for leaving the cam at home.) Anyway, with all this news of oil price hikes, fare increases and price freezing in markets, it was refreshingly hilarious to see a gas station where prices are the following: Unleaded = I Diesel = LOVE Gasoline = YOU. So that makes an I LOVE YOU replacing all those increasing prices.

In a place that has been affected by the flood brought on by the typhoon Sendong, it seemed weird to find a gas station, one that was probably severely damaged to the point of non-operation, to go out of their way and express love. I also think it's their way to celebrate Valentines and the month of love. Whatever these people were thinking, they did right to make such a statement in a lonely place where people may forget what life feels like with a smile and a warm heart.

It's a rare feat but the people of this gas station found a way to sink their statement of love everywhere through their price stand (whatever it's called). I'm semi-sure that anyone who passes by that place will feel a little lighter and happier because of that message. I hope people will start spreading the word and actually doing what their message suggests. It's telling the people who are important to you how much you love them. Telling those who have made your life all the more livable how you feel and showing them that you are there to make their life complete, like how they have made yours. It's just saying I LOVE YOU in ways that may seem unreal but effectively drilling and making its bed inside your soul.

III. Debuts

Cutting off everything connected to the two parts of this post, I want to ask help from any of you out there on making Debut Celebration videos. My cousin is turning 18 on April and my aunt assigned me to make a video for her debut.

Now, please consider these when you suggest anything: I only have pictures to work with. I don't think I have the time (or the guts) to talk to her friends and shoot their messages or whatever. My cousin is very camera shy and I probably would have better luck shooting a bird in flight than her face not distorted or hidden by unwanted things. I have never been to a debut that had a beautiful video and I have never celebrated a debut of my own, hence I don't have a standard. I made a video for such a celebration two years ago and I'm pretty sure that they didn't play it during the party. In short, I may be a loser in this department but I'm determined to change that.

So, right now, I'm guessing that I'll just have to keep surfing the net for ideas, working out plots and storyboards for the video. And I have to do all this in one week because if I don't, I don't know if I'll ever finish it in time. Sure I still have about 3 months but procrastinating does things to people and these things rarely turn out to be good.

If by some reason you're confused at what a debut is, it's a birthday celebration usually conducted when a girl hits the age of 18, letting her parents announce to the world that she's a woman and is therefore up for grabs in the relationship department. This may also be the reason that I don't have a boyfriend and am still acting like a child lost in transition and aimlessly throwing stones into the shallow part of the ocean. The previous sentence made no sense. =)

Anyway, if you've read the post up to this point, even without pictures, hooray for you! If you suggest anything for the video I'll be making, three cheers for you! Maybe someday I'll make you a video or give stuff away when I'm popular and rich enough to do so. =)

By the way, here's a video I've recently made out of boredom and yes, I'm productive when I'm bored.

Have fun!

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