Friday, February 17, 2012

Special Spaces: Bedroom Inspirations from

Okay, since my head hurts so much today that I can't think of the words I actually want to post, I'll be leading you through a slideshow of awesome bedrooms I found at These are 15 Classic Children's Bedroom Design Inspirations posted last October 2010. The post says the furniture was by Arcadia, a subdivision of Colombini.

Just to make sure that I'm not inflicting any violation of copying rights, here's the link to the full post

Isn't this just beautiful? I love the lavender and purple colors. It's so light to the eyes and the furniture is so simple and organized. I love the closet and the study table with the shelf right beside it. I also love the shelf above the bed. Is that another room beside the study table, though? A dressing room probably.

Now this is the blue version of the room above. It has the same closet but this time the shelf is attached to the side. That blue chair is also beautiful and the chandelier is a pretty touch to make it look classic.

This is a room I've always wanted to have. The bed above the closet makes sleeping more private and mysterious. I love the wooden colors and the sofa's whiteness. What I do wonder is how the child will be opening the closet above the sofa. It seems too high for a child, no?

Mint and white version of the bedroom above. It's very clean looking and the sofa can also be a bed. The drawers below it is also very convenient. We had something like that when I was young and we used to put bed sheets in there.

For awesome bedrooms that have open roofs like this one, decorating it to complement the space will be important. I love the colors and the wall posters. As usual, I also love the study area. What don't I love? =)

This is the blue version of the picture above. You can see how the space has been conserved by moving the study table under the windows and moving the closet to the corner. You can also see that the windows actually have blinds for those afternoon naps when you want to shut out the sun.

For twins! It looks beautiful. he beds each have head space for books and stuff but I still don't know how they'll be able to get the closets open at such a height. hmm.

This is the last one from the section I'll be getting. What's so nice about this is that the beds seem like a double-deck and you can actually get the cupboards open by standing on the other bed. And I love the colors.

Hmm..anyway, you can check for more beautiful designs at It's really pretty and I think I'll be spending the next few hours staring at all the room design possibilities. Have a great day!

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