Thursday, February 9, 2012

She Explains: Gossip and Perception

I woke up one morning and saw these two talking about something right beside me. I know, someone should grow up and move out of the stuffed toy bed she currently lives in. The comfort of having stuff to hug while you sleep overpowers that desire. =)

While I was staring at the two, the word gossip came into mind. Gossip has done much damage in today's world. People thrive in it and people die because of it. Though 'sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you' is believed to keep people strong in the midst of squabbles, words, contrary to the saying, do hurt. Words pointedly thrown at you, carelessly and tactlessly said can destroy a life. One's belief, self-esteem and confidence can quickly crumble in the face of someone who says things that bring people down. Worse comes to worse when the person talking is actually someone special to you. Words, in fact, hurt.

In a world that craves entertainment through gossip, it is hard to avoid dipping our toes into such a trend. We hear, we say and the cycle goes on. People are targeted, people are accused, people are branded. Gossip fuels fires and fires burn. They spread like an epidemic. Reminds of the story about gossip and the feathers that had to be collected to erase the act and the words that had been said. Once a bag of feathers is released, it is near impossible to put everything back in place. Just like taking back words that have been said. That's why they tell us to be careful with our words.

Now, if you are the target of such gossip, you have the power to react and in this power lies your victory. It is all about perception. You can view things in a good way, taking their attention from the words that are said to the person being talked about. You can use their attention to influence what they are talking about. You can prove them wrong. But you can also make it worse if you view it as a hostile attack against your character. The only person who can control you is you and if you let their words drive you into a person you aren't supposed to be then they've won. If you keep the wound fresh and not deal with it positively, it will spread and soon you will be in more trouble than you ever expected.

Gossip and perception. It's hard to think clearly when things are not going your way but sometimes thinking clearly will be the only way to get out of trouble. You control your actions and reactions. You have a choice.

Never let other people dictate how you feel and what you do about it. Be yourself. And never forget to have fun!

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