Thursday, January 19, 2012

She Explains: The Beauty of Music

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At this very moment, I am listening to Hans Zimmer’s magnificent piece ‘Psychological  Recovery…6 months’ from his Sherlock Holmes soundtrack. I am in awe of his artistic capabilities and how he makes music to sound so captivating. His music tells stories without words. The excitement, the exhilaration of his pieces makes me want to make my own adventures. This is beauty.

Music is beauty. It is, in my opinion, for those who prefer not to be distracted by physical appearances. It is for those who can appreciate each note, each instrument that comes in contact with a person’s ears. It is for those who think it worthy to take time and actually listen to what’s going on. Music, especially those without lyrics, tells the listeners different stories every time. It creates different emotions, different imaginations depending on the one involved in the process of appreciating it. Music is beauty.

In a world where the music industry has been swallowed up by greed and nonsense, I’m more inclined to listen to soundtracks of movies that are mostly instrumental. Orchestral music, as some may oppose, is not at all boring. Orchestral music made for movies is definitely not boring. It is one of the master pieces of the human talent, talents given by the First and True Musician of the world. This is what the professionals should consider. This is what audiences from around the world should realize. Our ears were not made to listen to songs that incite sex and violence. Our ears were not made to listen to useless nonsense that unconsciously provokes us and especially the young people to do things they shouldn’t do. Our ears were made to hear beauty. Yes, beauty can also be heard and it is in this sense that beauty is definitely in the ears of the hearer. 

It is subjective but it is beauty nonetheless.

Dear music industry, you are responsible for what we listen to on the radio. You are responsible for the recording artists and the songs that they sell. It should be in your hands that songs of immoral backgrounds should die on. It should be in your hands that these songs should cease to exist. Whatever happened to the songs of old, when love was not the object of materialism and lust? Songs of old that went deeper into the souls of listeners and are now considered classics are ones that actually make sense. These songs last lifetimes because they actually mean something. This is the type of music that you should be selling. Stop the world from falling into the bottomless pit of despair and heartbrokenness. Bring hope back through music.

Creativity doesn’t have limits. Musicians should not limit themselves into what sells but should push themselves into what the people should be hearing. Even if audiences seem to be critical of change, at some point they will give in to your music and soon enough we will all be convinced that hopeful music, music that feeds the soul, that incites creativity in ourselves, is the kind of music that should be playing all year round.
Ever wonder why there’s a kind of nostalgic feeling every time we hear Christmas songs playing? It sort of pulls us into the giving and receiving spirit and makes us all happy. Valentines love songs also make us all gooey. Then why do we have to listen to songs that tell us to take our clothes off? Why should we have to listen to songs that tell us to burn our house down? Why not listen to songs that make us want to make peace and do something productive with our lives? Why not start now?

Music is beauty and as I hear the closing notes of Hans Zimmer’s master piece, I know that if there weren’t any more lyrical music left in this world, I would be perfectly satisfied with listening to the drums and the violins battling it all out in a tune that will resonate in my soul forever.

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