Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting a Life in Clothes

I sometimes think that it's too late to actually be a girl and start wearing clothes that would actually be called part of fashion. Most of the time I find myself pulling the first thing I could see in my closet which is usually a shirt and a pair of jeans. A year ago I'd pair everything with rubber shoes. At least now I've got two sets of sandals I'd alternate so my sneakers could rest for a while. I admit I used to love dressing up and I used to buy magazines with beautiful clothes worn by incredible models but that had been a long time ago and I haven't been in the fashion loop since. So I bought a style guide last week and decided to redo my wardrobe.

The decision started when I got a short stint with blog commenting. It was about fashion blogs and I was constantly drawn to the many beautiful outfits these girls (and even guys) wear. The quality of their photos were awesome. Their clothes were fabulous but oh so expensive! Everything had to be branded and whew I realized how expensive it would cost to be a fashion blogger. Then again, some of these bloggers get free stuff and I was like "yey!". Admittedly, I could afford a few items with the golden brand names but I still think it's a waste of money. Of course everything changes when it's for free. Somehow my direction for clothes changed when I kept hearing people talk about gorgeous stuff they pull out of the 'ukay-ukay'. And I am envious (but not in the really bad sense). It's like I want to go and rummage for some thrifted clothes every time I see some branded items in malls. Sheesh. What money can buy...

Anyway, I'm just posting to say that I may be writing more about fashion (or at least my attempt at being fashionable) in the coming days. I shall try my luck (although there's no such thing as luck) with getting girly and hopefully score some freebies in the process. Yey!

For the meantime, posting one of the few looks I've had that would pass as fashionable.

With lots of love (and sheets of cloth)

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