Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fashion Confined: Treading New Waters

Let's try out something new. I know I said I'd be a girl (or at least girly) this year so I'm going to start posting about bloggers who have absolutely cool fashion sense (and the ability to use that sense for a living).

First up is Tricia Gosingtian's blog: Tricia Will Go Places

I found her blog while reading Candy's Fashion something something (see I can't even remember fashion magazine titles) and realized that it's time to browse sites that doesn't involve first person shooter games or downloadable movies. She has really amazing clothes and goes to all those places any girl would want to go. She's also a photographer which still makes me wonder if she takes pictures of herself with a tripod and self-timer when she posts her looks. I find it so hard to take pictures of myself with or without a photographer friend (which is probably why all my looks are located in my room and filed in a vanity folder in my external hd). Anyway, Tricia is just so pretty and I'd love to meet her someday but I'm sure I'd be too clueless that we'd end up talking to other friends instead.

And since I'm not sure what stealing pictures from her site means, you'll just have to visit it yourself.

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