Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When Technology Runs Away

Way back in the past, a typewriter seemed to be the most advanced writing medium a person could ever have. I remember a time when I would sit behind a typewriter and start pressing on the keys, watching attentively as they struck the paper and left a letter in black ink. It was amazing. I would pretend that I was writing something really important, like an instruction manual to a secret treasure of some sort. The typewriter was every writer's dream.

Flash forward to the 21st century, laptops came into existence. Since then, technology has developed and increased their multi-tasking functions. Not only can you write letters on laptops, you can also play games, listen to music, watch movies, surf the internet AND order food! The laptop has since then become smaller, lighter, more dynamic, sleek and stylish and of course expensive. Nevertheless, this piece of technology has become an apple in everyone's eyes.

This post contains my ideas on how fast technology has left me behind and how much I need to save for a really cool and software compatible laptop.

Herein lies my problem. My first laptop (the one I am using right now to type this post) was given to me by my mother when I was in fourth year college. It was hers for one year before she left it to me so she could buy a better one. In a course that continually used computers to type articles and edit video/audio presentations, I was one of the last people who got hold of a laptop. I was conveniently ecstatic about my new acquisition.

About four years later (this year to be exact), I realize that many of the software I need to edit videos and photos are no longer compatible with my laptop. It now needs a bigger RAM, a newer video card, a faster processor and a wifi receiver. With the influx of free software, I find myself dumbfounded by the incompatibility of my hardware. It grieves me to download a video editing suite only to read that it can't be installed. My old laptop has become a derelict of the future.

So, what do I do? Nothing. I can't just sell my laptop. It's still in good condition and I love typing on it. My hands have become accustomed to its keys and my palm has practically melted on its surface. Plus, it has a sentimental value on me. If I give it away, I would be giving away a part of myself.

The fast growing technology keeps changing and we all have to keep up with it if we don't want to be left behind. When we buy a new item, we have to risk  not being able to use it in a few years. My PSP had only been two years old when the iPod touch became so popular that it wiped out all enthusiasm for the play station portable. Everything from laptops to cellular phones are replaceable and most of them will be phased out by next year. Even cameras have become obsolete. It's sad but true.

Now I'm struggling from the desire of wanting to buy a laptop. If I do decide to buy one, which should it be? I need one that is efficient at editing photos, videos and can play first person shooter games like call of duty or left4dead. I need one that isn't too heavy and isn't too bulky. I also need it to be good with audio systems and lcd projectors. Most of all, I need a laptop that already exists and will continue to exist and be compatible with future software. How do you solve a problem like a laptop?

If you have any ideas or suggestions, it would do me great  pleasure. Thanks and I hope you do respond.

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