Sunday, September 4, 2011

Of Reunions

Here comes FOUNDERS DAYS! *yey* But really, the thing about foundation days is not the food or the celebration or the fireworks or just visiting your beloved alma matter. It's the meeting and greeting of people you haven't seen in a long, long time! Foundation days are a highlight in anyone's life because of reunions and the constant 'hey, I remember you!' and hugs and exchange of numbers. Here's what I think.

This post is a result of not being able to go to my alma matter on our founders day but attended the foundation day of my parent's alma matter. That really sucks...but I've recovered.

School is a beautiful part of life. It is when you meet people, stay with people, work with people for a long time. Sometimes you end up fighting with them, falling in love with them or forgetting they exist. School is where you find yourself laughing over a classmate's mistakes, sitting stiffly after a practice teacher just threw a chalkboard eraser at the back wall or helping your classmates hide evidence of a broken fluorescent light after a volleyball mysteriously hit it and you all knew it was going to be on your record. It's a place in time that holds pedestals for terror teachers, snobbish batch mates and best friend cafeteria staff. If it isn't obvious yet, yes, I love school.

A problem exists, however. There is no stopping it but one day, whether you've worked hard enough or not, you will leave school. You will miss your friends, your enemies, your teachers, the places you went to just to get away from the rest of the world, the late night movie marathons, the midnight snacks, the running around and pleading and groveling and begging of grades, everything! (Kids, you may not think you'll ever miss school but trust will.) Once you're out in the real world, you'll find yourself wanting to go back and relive those days when you thought you would die if you had to sit one more hour listening to your teacher talk about...well, I don't even remember. We all want to go back when we realize it wasn't all that bad after all. That's why the world created founders day.

Founders days have one common goal: to bring together a flock of lost alumni who cannot cut the chord that still binds them to their beloved school. When they do bring together the lost children of the school, they create what is called a 'reunion' wherein everyone is reunited with all the foolish things they did in the past. (such a redundant paragraph)

I love reunions. I love it when people smile and recall all the silly stuff you did when you were in high school. I love it when we all laugh at what we thought about each other, about all the things we did to not have classes. The retelling of escapades and teachers' reactions to our ruckus of a student life, the wonders of the grading system, the 'who's-with-who' stories all bring back a string of memories that will forever be part of the patchwork we call life. It's a frenzy. It's a celebration. It also signifies how old we're getting.

I miss reunions. I miss my friends. I miss having to spend time doing nothing, going to the mall as soon as it's open just to play at worlds of fun, setting up meetings but not exactly talking about school stuff. I miss everything that has to do with my school life. But it's not the end of the world. Though sometimes we miss reunions and celebrations, there's always next year. Another year to reminisce, another year to challenge the brain.

Hopefully, though, next year will still hold the same spark in the lives of the people we know. I'll see you soon people!

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