Thursday, August 25, 2011

So Smart that I don't Understand

In search of the perfect blog layout, I decided to try my hand at making my own. Web search upon web search, I cannot seem to fathom the complexity and extensive computer language people who give you 'simple' instructions are saying. (That didn't make sense, did it?) Surely there is a way to make a beautiful, unique, simple web log that doesn't look generic to other blogs. Somewhere, I hope there is.

This is a covert calling to all those who know how to make blog layouts without the codes that an inexperienced girl like me cannot understand. I need your help.
It's true, I've been blogging since I was in my fourth year in high school which was way back in 2004. Most of my blogs are hidden, which brings me to wonder today why I even wrote on such blogs. All my work are stashed somewhere in cyberspace because I cannot control myself from writing stuff that should not be read by other people. In short, they are more of personal blogs and could actually hurt a lot. Unless...(I just had a great idea!)

Anyway, all these hidden blogs follow a specific template from their selected blog provider and I never even cared how they looked until all these cutesy blogs popped up and I wanted one too. So now I am left with a desire for a blog that would fit the contents of my blog, this blog.

I guess I have to make you understand what I envision this blog would hold. My Pretty Little Wilderness is a blog of all sorts of stuff in my own world. The title came from the movie Becoming Jane which is a story of the famous Jane Austen and how she came to write all those novels in her short lifetime. Taking the title in mind, I want to fill this blog with all things that come across my scattered, never been cut grass, wilderness of a life. The scent of it and the feel of it. The whole entourage of joys and boredom and curiosity and love and apathy. I want to fill this blog with greens and blues and pinks and yellows, with shoes and clothes and bags and cats and rabbits and furry little animals, with politicians, school administrators, computer geeks and noobs, with all things bright and beautiful and all things great and small. This is going to be a wild blog of everything and nothing all at the same time.

I need a layout to fit that.

Something simple but attractive. Something that people would like to look at. But then...

Maybe it's not the design that I should be worried about right? Maybe I should be more concerned on what the contents of this blog should be. And maybe I should just be content with what my blog looks like until one blessing of an angel who reads this post decides to give me the codes to a wonderful new layout of a blog that I can only dream of (because I can't even imagine what my blog should look like). Thanks so much.

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