Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Other than FB

For a bored, old-style human like me who sometimes enjoys scrolling down until the page stops loading, FB is the only site I explore for the whole day. But because I decided to jump off the wagon that's eternally going down the next few updates, I found a few more websites that should strike interest in lost civilians.

This post is dedicated to the many lost people who have nothing else to do and decide to stop scrolling down on FB and actually explore the WWW.

There's Hello Giggles where you can find absolutely anything and everything. I haven't exactly explored it fully (I'm guessing I need a week to go through all those cute articles without daydreaming of my own unwritten thoughts). The content that I have read and skimmed through are actually pretty cool. Like the Gilmore Girls article that I absolutely clicked on FB without second-thinking it. I realized, after reading the sentiments of Ms. Danielle, that I probably missed a few parts of my life for not being able to watch GG. In my defense, GG was shown on Studio23 the same time another tele-series was showing on another channel and I just cannot compete with older people's preferences (I was in high school back then and sitting in front of the TV on a school night was privilege enough that I didn't want to ruin it by changing channels). Anyway, the site as a whole makes me want to actually be a girl, or at least some cool girly person. Check it out.

Then, since we're on the topic of girly stuff, there's Lovely Clusters which is a collection of all things pretty. From clothes to jewelry to fantastic pictures and color themes, Lovely Clusters is a place for the fashionable and the princess in fairy tales to explore. I cannot put into words what my feminine mind cannot even digest (because I'm low in girly vocabulary), so I'm just going to say 'visit them and see for yourself'. =)

And for those of us who are more into the randomness of life, check out the Webby Awards. Yes, I know the Webby Awards is a site where people get to vote or suggest really cool websites for the awards. I found it while reading the many random "this site is nominated for the Webby Awards" avatars (what do you call those small pictures/tag things on the sites?). So I decided to stroll over to the site itself and see if the sites that win actually deserve to win. And though I know I'm not qualified to even judge a site based on my experience (which is close to none), I agree with the sites that win. Actually the fun stuff that got me exploring the site more was the 'say your acceptance speech in 5 words' part. You get to read stuff like...i really don't remember. Check it yourself. I'm not very good at this. XD

So far, that's all I have. Will try to be more daring and stop scrolling down FB.

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