Thursday, August 25, 2011

All This Talk About Jobs

Steve Jobs (photo by AP)

Steve Jobs just retired. For a non-Apple user like me, it came with such a thud as a stuffed toy falling on a pillow.

This is my opinion of all the good things Mr. Jobs has done for Apple, Inc.
Mr. Jobs, as I have read only a while ago, has made a lot of contributions including the birthing of Apple itself, to the community and to the world. Apple products such as the Mac, the iPod, and the iPad have always been a standard of high quality technology for me. Because we could not afford a Mac and could afford everything else except Apple products, I never ever got acquainted nor enticed by their technology. I could only look at them from afar and wonder what magic and enchantments they have inside their sleek cases. Owning a Mac would be putting you in my rich people list. Owning an iPod would make you really cool. Losing an iPod, like one of my friends in college, would be like sentencing you to house arrest forever (unless you save enough money to buy one that looks exactly the same). The first time I saw that huge Mac computer with the CD-Rom on its side and without a CPU, I was There have been so many Apple products that I could only dream of possessing. And now, the maker of those products have just resigned.

Actually, my mother has an iPod touch and an iPad2 only just recently. I'm still not familiar with their software and stuff but we do enjoy playing Unblock Me on the iPod touch. I've just taught my father how to waste time playing it until he falls asleep.

Going back to Steve Jobs, he has an amazing brain and he knows how to use it. Imagine if he didn't imagine these tech stuff to exist, they might never exist. Apple products are like the Gold Medal for a race, the 100% on a grading sheet or the world's most influential person in Times magazine. They are like standards of perfection and efficiency and coolness and awesomeness. Our only hope with Jobs' resignation is that he has imparted his creativity, imagination and detailed execution of ideas to the people working in Apple, leading the company into new heights and bringing us more tech that would make the Jetsons envious.

God bless you Steve Jobs!

 p.s. I hope I get to own an Apple product like the iPad2 too. =)

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