Monday, May 28, 2012

My Long Overdue Thank You

This is an Apple logo. The only thing that means is that this post will be about some Apple product. This post will be about some Apple product that has found its way into my hands. More than that, this Apple product is one of the hard evidences that I have a brother in this world. You know why?

This Apple product came with this:

Less than often, I find myself thinking What if I had a different family? A different brother? A different life? Then I wake up and realize, I don't want anything other than what is given to me. I don't want anything other than the real gift of family (even if they did tell me I was adopted but I really wasn't).

So one night, when everything was dark and boring, I found a chat message from my favorite BROTHER, who also happens to be my ONLY brother, asking me what I wanted. The last time he asked me that question, I told him I wanted an iPad2. I cancelled that request because of unforeseen reasons. In replacement, I said I wanted the Hunger Games Trilogy, and he gave me that. The Christmas before, I told him I wanted an external hard drive, and he gave me that. Years before, I asked him for a dress, a camera, and some other spontaneous thing that popped into my head. Sure, this part sounds like I'm so materialistic and my bro is so rich (which he may or may not be and for purposes of security, I will not mention his name), but we show our love through the unconditional giving of gifts, as long as it remains within budget and the requested item's specifics are sent at the designated time which is usually 5 minutes after the text "what do you want for Christmas?" Beyond that, we just love each other in a way people will rarely understand. (eww =))

In response to his latest question, I pondered deeply into the recesses of my gray matter and tried to weigh my options according to price, utility, productivity, design, and factored-in fun. All of this I thought of in a span of 3 seconds. You see, we are time hoarders in the sense that when we want time, we keep time. We are stingy with our time yet we want to share our time with those who need it the most. In this case, the time required to close this transaction was less than a minute. So I expertly typed in "iPod touch, latest gen" into the reply bar and hit enter.

Et viola!

Now, this is the iPod touch 4th generation. It now comes in white. Many would ask me why I opted for an iPod touch when I could have asked for an iPhone. I have one generic question to answer that: Is the iPhone dual sim? Because lately, I've come to realize the hassle of bringing so many phones (that means two) in my bag just so I have my smart, globe, and sun sims with me. I know, public advertising of all three networks rarely work, but hey, it's convenient to have three sims with only one that has load. Your guess on which one.

Obviously, iPhones still don't have dual sim capacity and that would probably defeat its purpose of being a smartphone that doesn't need additional hardware to make it accessible.

Others may ask why I didn't go for a laptop or a camera or something else. Well, I did want a laptop because the one I'm using now is kind of ancient, but I love it dearly that I cannot bear replacing it even if it doesn't support any new software anymore. I can't even edit h.264 videos because the codecs won't work. But I love my Neo so much that I would opt for something to complement it, not to replace it. As for a camera, I already have that. =)

So after much deliberation and frequent visitation of the website, I decided to go for the iPod touch. If any of you can remember, I posed a question some time ago about whether to get an iPhone or some other cool gadget so I can get pictures posted when I blog. Well, the iPod touch is the answer to that search, although the only comment I received told me to get an iPhone. hihi, sorry.

The iPod touch has all the amazing capabilities I stated in my previous post. It has a front and back camera, video recording, voice recording, free apps, paid apps, lots of photo apps, wifi, and so much more. Really, the only thing this gadget doesn't have is a refrigerator. Oh, wait, that doesn't count. =)

Now, what's even more special about this particular Apple product is this:

You see that? It says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Isn't it beautiful? When you buy from the online istore, you can get a free engraving of two lines on your iPod. We could have bought the item anywhere else in the country but it's this feature that makes my iPod so special. And the meaning of the engraving? Well, it's the encouragement to move on, to go on, and to keep pressing on. It's the ultimate uplifting reality that there is Christ who will always strengthen me because even in my weakness, He will be strong.

Okay, now that I have this amazing thingamajig, the next thing I should do is to protect it with my life. To accomplish that, I decided to visit one store that I had no reason to enter before.

Yep, the Apple iStore. I went in and walked straight to the iPod cases which were a considerable lot. I had one objective, however. I needed a transparent case so the engraving would still show. With this in mind, I started to play seek and find with all the cases hanging on the rack. Moments later, I found this:

Moshi is the purveyor of electronics fashion (that's their tagline). They make a lot of accessories for Apple items such as visors, iPad smartcovers, and the like. They have really cool designs too, simple but functional. Just what anyone who doesn't want too much snatcher-attention would like.

So my mind was made up. I needed this case. Now for the film protector. Glossy or matte? Seriously, if this were a photo, I would choose matte because it doesn't let fingerprints stick to the paper. But we're talking about screens and I have no idea which one is better. I opted for the glossy, then when I purchased the Moshi iGlaze case, they told me it already had a free screen protector! Woohoo! Score two more points for Moshi. And the protector isn't just for the front, it also has one for the back which is important for me because of the engraving. It was a glorious money-saving day.

There, I have now fulfilled my duty to discuss with the world how wonderful it is to have people who support your every spontaneous endeavor. Thanks kuy for this chance to hold an Apple in my hand and call it mine. I named it Touche Turtle for reasons I still have to understand.

Thank you also to the people of Apple for making life one less camera heavy. Hope to access more apps and use this gadget more. And no worries, I shall indeed guard it.

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Wonder of the Moment

It's wonderful, majestic, and truly inspiring. The sun eclipsed by the shadow of the moon is just one of those creations and phenomena we might never really get enough of.

Today, at five in the morning, I was practically racing the first rays of light from the sun. I got to the only place I could think of that wasn't obstructed by buildings. The small patch of land near Ayala, where people jog in the morning, seemed to be the best and nearest option. So I took off for that spot.

Upon my first ocular inspection, it was apparent that I may not see any sun at all. There was a huge wall of cumulunimbus clouds right in front of where I knew the sun was. It was depressing. The light started spreading in the sky and the many joggers were starting to throw weird looks at the girl wearing a jacket, jeans, and carrying a roll of film in her hand. I walked as slowly as I could, hoping the clouds would somehow blow away when I finally found the perfect place to stand rooted in the cement. One of the people there, a man riding his bike told me I should jog. I said I didn't plan on that today because I was waiting for the sun to come out. He said it would be impossible to see the eclipse from where we are. I was almost tempted to believe him.

I guess this is when I thought of perseverance. You see, I really wanted to see the solar eclipse. The last time I had the chance to see one was way back when I couldn't remember what was happening. It's not like I would die if I didn't see it but the opportunity was to great to miss. So I kept standing there, in the middle of the sidewalk facing the huge wall of cloud.

At about six, there was a rather bright ray shining out of the edge of the cloud. I thought it would be such a waste mot to use the sventy-nine-peso roll of film I bought just for this purpose, so I looked through it to the light and my breath was taken away.

What we normally would think as just one round sun was,to me, a half moon cookie. I was just in time to see the eclipse in its last half of travel. Yey! It was beautiful, like Pacman eating the clouds.

I mean, sure people there might have thought I was weird but I really didn't care. If they would only ask what I was doing, I would have gladly let them see through my insufficient solar filter. Then they would have experienced something that most people would take for granted.

It's sad, really. We're all running through life trying to achieve great things that we miss the great things that are there for us to see for free. Everyone's going through life in fast forward that slowing down to look up at the sky seem to be a useless waste of time. When that man told me yo rub, I wanted to tell him that there's also a beauty in just walking or standing around for that matter. I stood there in one spot and just stared into the sky and I felt the beauty and peace and rest that I would have traded for a few more hours in bed. I stood there wanting to tell the world to just stop and look up. Oh, the things they were missing just because they were trying to fit everything in. What we don't understand about life is that when we try to do everything, we end up doing nothing. Or worse, we end up achieving things that don't really mean anything in the long run.

So I watched as the moon's shadow slowly made its way through the sun and the normal circular appearance we draw of the sun came back. And throughout the hour and a half that I stood there, only one person asked me if it was the eclipse and I was happy, like a kid who just saw fireworks.

It's nice to have this opportunity to witness something that doesn't usually happen. It's wonderful to witness something that beautiful and have the decency to thank the Creator for keeping us alive, for letting us have a glimpse of His glory.

To the next eclipse or astronomical event, I shall be waiting for you. In the meantime, off to work I go. Have a great day everyone.