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Summer is Hotter with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, Schick, & Nuffnang!

My ideal Nuffnang summer is one that involves the sun, sand, some random adventure into nature and a full 61 days of laughter shared with friends. Summer is, after all, only two month's worth of vacation time, so why not explore the parts of the world we are less accustomed to?


Of course, when we talk about summer it will always include a picture of us walking around a beach, trekking on some mountainside, biking and running, or just casually feeling that glorious warmth from that heavenly body we call the sun on our face.  The thought of 'summer' is riddled with colors of yellow, brown, orange and even red. It connotes a hot season--hot in both definitions-- and a distinct desire to use more sunblock.

I remember a time in my life when one of my classmates told me I was too white. "What?" I had asked him, in shock and confusion. He said that I looked too white, almost as white as bond paper. It seemed to him that I never went out of the house or got hit by the sun. So, all 13 years of my life, I must have been hiding inside a box, like that kid from that John Cusack movie I don't remember. As an emotional teenager, I promised myself to get out more the summer after that school year.

So, I did go out. I went to the beach, hiking with my relatives, flying kites, and all those activities that involved getting out into open grounds in direct contact with the sun. It was fun, I admit, and sure enough summer should be fun. Those two months spent out and about supplied my vacation with memories of adventures and laughs. Those two months exposed also produced a comment that I still use to defend my 'still-too-white' skin.

"Hann, nangitom lagi ka." (Hann, you[r skin] darkened)

So, I raised my eyebrow and inwardly wanted to strangle that classmate. (I hope you don't remember who you are.) If I'm too white, I get a comment. If I get darker, I still get a comment. So I guess I have to choose which shade I'll stick to.

Now, thanks to some sunblock, I still have my 'still-too-white' skin. And since summer is coming, I'm not really going out of my way to promote Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion. 

Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion. We've got you covered.

I know, their tagline suggests everything anyone has ever wanted in a sunscreen lotion. To be covered, protected, and to relax in the security their product promises to deliver--it would be great to have one less thing to worry about when summer's over. When you have a sunblock that you trust, you don't even need to think about getting dark when running openly into the water or climbing up that high hill. You don't have to worry about being branded 'batang x', a name my family calls me after getting an x-shaped sunburn on my back. You don't have to worry about being made fun of or that painful feeling of peeling dry skin off your face. No, Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion can save you from all that. (and forgive me if I sound too 'promoting' but I do believe in sunscreens =)


So, while we're talking about summer in the sun, let's focus on a beach setting. I love beaches. I don't particularly love swimming because I can't tread water unless I'm playing dead or am flapping my flippers all around. But I do love the beach. I love the feel of the wind and the sand on my feet. I love that effortless feeling of not having to wear shoes or constricting clothes. Just shorts, sleeveless tops and no slippers and you're all set to run around.

Now, bringing you all back to my high school, another teen problem would be hair. Yep, and I'm not talking about the one up top. I'll say it here because as one of my classmates said "no one should be ashamed of it because it's really normal and part of growing up". Underarm hair. (haha, I bet you thought of other hairs but whatever =p) Sure, going out on the beach is lovely and freeing but then, that awkward moment when you reach for the sky, stretching up into the air, arms high and underarms exposed and you remember...oops, I forgot about the forest. It's embarrassing, believe me (I know =p). 

And what fun would it be to be out in the sun, rolling on the sand, wearing t-shirts or long sleeves. IT'S HOT OUT THERE. Covering it up is not a good idea, so just lose it.

For those who are at the same level of consciousness as I was in high school, I'm sure you've read a lot about underarm problems before pursuing your own solution. I read a very helpful article by Julie Yap Daza in her Manners for Moving Up book about that subject and it has helped me decide which road to take. She said that there are choices and there are effects of these choices. If you shave, you may get dark skin. If you pluck, you may get chicken skin. Waxing is painful. Lasers are expensive. Which will you choose? 

Jumping into the future, I guess my choice was good because technology found a solution to the problem AND the effect of the choice.

Schick. Free your skin.

Schick is a very familiar brand. We know they sell shavers/shaves (what do you call them anyway?). We know that their products are of high quality and they're an international brand we can trust. I am a fan of their products and as I was browsing their site for this particular blog post, I found out that they sell more than shaves/shavers (duh). 

They have what they call the Intuition Plus product line, which basically gets that hair off and keeps your skin smooth, moisturized and free from harm (for sensitive skin). 

So, yeah, nobody wants to get caught out in the sun and sand with a forest under your arms. Really. I don't ever want that to happen to me. Summer is meant to be lived free...that's why Schick knows they need to free your skin.

Some random adventure into nature and a full 61 days of laughter shared with friends

I have to admit, my summer is probably going to be spent inside a room, daydreaming of life's endless possibilities and outlining the next chapter of my imaginary book. This summer may be spent like any other month of the year and I may not be able to see any sun or sand at all. But hey, I guess dreaming is better than nothing, right?

So if by some weird fairy tale-like moment happens and I get the chance to get out and explore, I'm going to ask that genie to bring me to Brazil where summer happens every day of the year. I mean, Brazil is not just about beaches but I know they've got awesome nature treks too. And if you're like me who enjoys randomness and unplanned activities, getting a trip to Brazil and the once in a lifetime opportunity to explore its natural wonders might just be the biggest summer celebration of our life! (haha I'll bring you along if ever this happens but I doubt it will) Come on, foreign land, foreign people, just you and your backpack, that would be a great adventure and a treasure trove of stories to fill blogs like this one.

Imagine the experience a summer like that would bring. All the unexpected events and the surprises are sure to bring some laughs to you and your friends. What's more, it would be even greater if friends actually joined us there. (forgive the shifting of pronouns, I'm having an identity crisis because of the excitement of a dream) A shared experience is so much better than an adventure spent alone. Talking to yourself in the middle of such a beautiful place is not much fun but having a friend to tease and share a tear of joy with would be awesome. And I won't forget to mention that having friends around gives bloggers like me a valid reason to bring a camera. =) So expect pictures.

Whew! Summer is coming (I said this in my head with Stark of Winterfell's voice). The excitement of a full two months of freedom is exhilarating and the best part is that summer doesn't even have to end after May. It can go on and on like a very long summer camp. And all our experiences can fill pages and pages and posts like these until we're all too old to sit in front of the computer (by that time we can just ask an AI to read blog posts for us =). 

I'm wading off into the distance. I should stop now. 

Have a happy summer, people! And don't forget to shave and bring sunscreen. =)

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