Wednesday, March 14, 2012

She Explains: Why Sleeping Isn't a Waste of Time

*Warning: pointless post down below. If you do not wish to waste your time, click me now.*

I wake up every morning staring at this stuffed toy and I always think of the same line "you're so lucky your job is to just lie there, look cute, and sleep". I guess some people just really get the good stuff.

Sleeping isn't a waste of time. In fact, all of us are required to sleep at least eight hours a day. Most of us sleep at least 5 hours while there are those who, like me sometimes, prefer the adrenaline-induced wakefulness as a result of a 3-hour nap. We all have our sleeping patterns, too. Some sleep at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 3am, 5am. Some sleep in class, on the jeepney, while listening to the radio or while studying for an exam. Some people can sleep sitting down, or feet up on a wall, or feet on the bed with the rest of your body on the floor. Sleeping is an amazing phenomena to observe and if there was a job that only requires you to sleep, I think I'd seriously consider it.

There was a program on television (but I can't remember which) that talked about sleeping. The host was literally required to sleep while a group of doctors observed his physical reactions to the activity. He was connected to wires, and though sleeping with so much equipment attached to you can be difficult, soon enough he dozed off. Doctors and scientists found that brain waves change when you're having dreams. They fluctuate and cause even more activity. Maybe that's why you still feel tired and exhausted after a dream of running around or flying.

Actually, I wasn't able to finish watching that program because I had to leave the room. I have no idea what the conclusion to that activity was but I do know one thing: sleeping is not a waste of time.

If only we could just sleep the days away, right? If only, by sleeping, we could reach the dreams we so badly dream about. If only we could finish every dream we ever started; that every time we hit our heads on the pillow, our dreams continue like we're picking up where we left off.

But I'm just ranting, really. No, there is a time to dream, a time to sleep and a time to wake up. There was this text that made me feel all guilty after reading it when I was still half-asleep:

"Why are you wasting your life on too much sleeping? When you can have enough of it when you die..."

Yup, that's basically the whole text (minus the good morning). I literally flew out of my bed after that. I mean, sure, I love sleeping but then...hey, we still don't get to sleep when we die! Oh, pooh, I should have just went ahead and slept.

So, since my brain is still in a dreamlike state and both my eyes are falling close even though I did sleep last night, I'm letting this post just die. Like that.

Happy sleeping..zzzz.

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