Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fashion Confined: Phya's Birthday Giveaway part 2!

Because birthdays never really end. =)

I will talk about this more. Patience. =)

UPDATE: I told you I'd talk about it more.

Don't you just love birthdays? It's that season of a person's life when gifts are allowed to be given just because. And this time, it's the birthday celebrant who's giving away freebies! And take note, it's part two of her giveaway! Such a gracious person! More years to you Phya. =)

Anyway, because in this generation pictures tell the whole story, here are the giveaways she'll be (duh) giving away:

Bratty Bonita

Gifts Ahoy
Bedazzle Accessories 
Mis Cosas

And there's seriously MORE!

So, how to join? You have to visit her blog and follow all the easy instructions.

Once again, happy birthday Phya! You rock!

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