Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fashion Confined: Detachable Collars

I'm a noob at this fashion trend and I'm embarrassed to say that I've only found out about it last month. I was looking through Camille Co's blog one very boring day and was attracted to a certain outfit she had on (I'll post the photo if I can find it). The detachable collar seemed to seamlessly blend in with, what, her skin? No, I don't mean it was the same color as her neck but she was wearing a tube dress (what do you call that anyway?) and there's no way the collar was attached to the dress so it must be...detachable! duh.

(*update: found the picture!)
From her Swanlake post

Anyway, soon enough I saw that many of her outfit posts included detachable collars and when I started browsing through other fashion blogs, I saw that I may be the last one to find out about the trend. (Then when I wore my DIY collar to an event they were amazed...apparently I'm not the last one to find out about it. Yey!)

So, when I decided I wanted in with the trend, I went ahead and took my father's old polo, one that has been hidden under piles of unused clothes and what used to be his uniform so I'm sure that it won't be donation material, and cut off the collar. Yup, I just cut it off with a trusty pair of shearers. How'd it look like? See for yourself.

See, it does add sophistication to a normally boring look. It instantly makes an outfit a bit formal therefore I am definitely going to stock my closet with detachable collars. But of course don't compare my look with that of the awesome girl's picture above mine. =)

I used to only have collared shirts or polos but now I can't seem to find them (or maybe we gave them away already). With these babies, I can have unlimited collar experience.

I love collars because I have a long neck (giraffe) and being bare or just wearing necklaces seem to normal for me now. hehe. I blame Candymag for that. =)

SOOO, I'm thinking of embarking on a Crochet Collar Project! Here are some inspirations I plan to copy and their respective websites.

Photo taken from

Collar from Etsy found on Stylehive

from Annette Petavy

Charming Crochet Collar from Etsy 
Yup, so basically I'll be choosing one of these creations and try my hardest to get a finished product that's not remotely unlike the originals. Tomorrow (probably) I'll be buying the following stuff:

  • Yellow and White, Pink, Blue, White Yarn
  • Yellow, Black, Blue Ribbons
I already have the hooks. My problem now is that I'm not very good with patterns and I'm winging this project out. I did search the net for patterns but, like I said, I don't understand a thing. I know the basics though because I've been crocheting cellphone cases and bracelets for a long time now. 

Estimated Time of Accomplishment: about next month. =) Well, I do hope I can finish it in a week but with this kind of discipline, I doubt myself. 

Anyway, I'll be posting my progress every now and then just to keep you updated. Have a great day everyone!

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